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Posted by Aloha Block On 9:31 PM

A sensible answer to many of our most challenging housing problems, container architecture is the hottest thing in building today.

Easy to transport, environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable, container buildings are the home of the future today.

We presents the findings of three years of research into container architecture, showcasing more than 25 top projects with detailed full-color photographs and full resource lists.

We include a short technical part and a real interesting architectural production from pedestrian bridge to composite (container + other) buildings. Museum, housing (private & condo), industrial, shops etc.

Hopefully, the images and projects gathered are not only abundant but very enlightening.

Adam Kalkin's Cottage

All Terrain Cabin by BARK

Atlanta Container House

Cove Park, Scotland UK

Green House by Ross Stevens, Wellington, New Zealand



OFIS ARHITEKTI : A Special Container in Slovenia

OSLO Norway Gallery

Peter DeMaria's Home

Port-A-Bach, New Zealand

Ross Stevens, New Zealand

Thailand Sweet Home by 2 x 20ft Containers

The 8747 House

Travelpod by Travelodge

Uniqlo Container Concept

ZeroCabin, Vancouver

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    Who else wants a simple step-by-step blueprint to design and construct a container house from scratch? Build A Container Home From Scratch

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