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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Aloha Block On 8:20 PM

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Selected common questions from customers, friends, online readers, subscribers, business affiliates, strategic allianced designers and business partners. This list grows as we grow.

Who wants to live in a home that looks like a Cargo Container?

2. Is it a new concept of having a container house? I don't like being a white mouse here.

3. What cities would ever allow Shipping Container homes all over the neighborhoods?

What about rust and corrosion? Won't a metal shipping container rust quite easily?

5. Aren't shipping containers just hot ovens when they are used for homes or offices?

6. Why are mobile homes and RV trailers being used at emergency locations like Katrina instead of the Aloha Block homes?

I see big stacks of shipping containers in many locations near us but I am having difficulty buying any of them. Why?

Aren't Prefabricated Homes and Emergency Homes lower priced when made in China?

Why can't I get architectural or CAD drawings from shipping container manufacturers?

Your website recommends the use of the NASA type Ceramic Insulation Paint for use on the Aloha Block Homes, isn't the Ceramic Insulation too expensive for that type use?

11. Are the Aloha Block homes tall enough to comply with building codes?

I read that an Aloha Block Home is hurricane proof. Is that true?

Is it true an Aloha Block Home is earthquake proof?

Why promote the use of Aloha Block module in home and office construction?

15. Why not construct on-site, it looks easier to manage?

16. How about quality assurance? Any testing on those modules?

17. Who will do the assembling? You have a general contractor to introduce?


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