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Tailored Modifications

Posted by Aloha Block On 8:23 PM

Tailor-made modifications can be carried out in our factory and transport directly to the site of your choice.

We control the process from start to finish, delivering high quality, customized and secure accommodation at an affordable price.

Modifications for usage including but not limit to :

  • Constructon Site Offices
  • Field Trip Temporary Classrooms
  • Workshops in Hazard Environment
  • Military/Security Outposts
  • Record Storage with Humidity-Controlled Settings
  • Emergency Preparedness Station
  • Self Storage with Individual Air Conditioning

We can also modify on :

  • Custom Sizes & Shapes
  • Mixed Structural Materials
  • Lock Boxes or Surveillance System for Improved Security
  • Personalized Doors and Entrances
  • Roll-Up Doors and Semi Roll-Ups
  • Wall Ventilations / Exhausts
  • Insulation Features All-Over
  • Custom Painting, e.g. Specific Paint for Fire Resistance etc.
  • Custom Interior Finishing, e.g. Sound Proof, Display Lighting, Audio/Video, etc.
  • Shelving, e.g. Built-in, Hanging etc.
  • Turbine Ventilations
  • Windows, e.g. Size, Tinted Glass, Locks, Curtain etc.
  • Partition Walls, e.g. Cubicle and Conference Room Setup etc.


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