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Non-Profit Discount

Posted by Aloha Block On 7:32 PM

AlohaBlock offers a discount on purchase of all models of our module and add-on equipments to non-profit and charity organizations, recognized by either the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), from 20% to 100% discount!

Please have the following documentation ready when you place your order, or request a quote:

Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) designation letter

Sales tax exempt certificate (if applicable to your organization)


Documents required by the CRA, and described on the CRA Web site

Terms and Conditions for AlohaBlock Discounts for Non-Profit and Charity Organizations

1. All fees, shipping, and taxes are the customer’s responsibility.

2. A maximum of fifty (50) products per year can be purchased at the non-profit and charity discount price.

3. Submitting the required documentation does not guarantee that you will receive a discount. We evaluate each request on an individual basis. Once approved for the non-profit and charity discount, you are eligible to purchase at the discounted price.

4. This offer is restricted to facilities located in any countries in the world, yet products will only be shipped to address(es) specified as the registered location(s) of the organization.

5. Aloha Block product purchased at the non-profit and charity discount price cannot be resold or transferred.

6. The non-profit and charity discount pricing applies only to the initial purchase. Upgrades, trade-ups, and cross-grades must be purchased at the standard quoted price.

7. Aloha Block reserves the right to change terms, conditions, and prices without notice, or to revoke this offer at any time without notice.


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