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What is Aloha Block Module?

Posted by Aloha Block On 7:49 PM

Introduction : What is the Aloha Block Module?

The Aloha Block Module utilizes established production techniques and capacity to manufacture top quality accommodation solutions at high volume. The basis of the module is a range of High Strength, corrosion resistant steel manufactured modules fully certificated, tested and approved that can be combined to create a wide variety of building shapes and be adapted to suit any planning or end user needs.


The Aloha Block Module made by steel is extremely robust and of higher structural quality than other modular products/systems on the market. Modules can be stacked up to four storeys high, and using specially developed locking mechanisms, can be easily, but securely, connected.

Using the Aloha Block Module, it is possible to assemble the structure of a motel/hotel, student accommodation or housing in a few weeks.


The Aloha Block Module brings a considerable lower completed building cost when compared with other modular system derived buildings.

This makes it an ideal solution for key worker, social accommodation and student accommodation as well as commercial projects such as hotels.


The international construction industry currently undersupplies the accommodation market by millions of accommodation units per year. While there is a clear potential for modular construction technology to “fill the gap”, manufacturers have thus far failed to do so. However, unlike other systems, The Aloha Block Module is truly suited to volume production.


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