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Technology Applications

Posted by Aloha Block On 8:31 PM

Technology Applications and Advancements

The Aloha Block Module technology and process is derived from mature manufacturing and supply chains that already provide a parallel industry with on average two million similar sized units per year.


The Aloha Block Module is made of High Tensile corrosion resistant steel, the walls, floors and roof construction insulated in excess of current building regulations for sound and thermal performance.

The base units for the system are a range of self-supporting modules, available in a variety of dimensions. The modules are designed to stack in several configurations to allow almost limitless combinations. The sizes available allow designers to lock, or nest modules: the greater the quantity being nested, the greater the strength and stability of the resulting structure. The potential for multi-storey stacking is currently 6 storeys but is capable of over 20 storeys.


Assembling is simple, fast, safe and on standard foundation systems. The design allows for rapid erection with low-tech, fail safe locking mechanisms. The units are completely weatherproof so that interiors remain protected throughout the assembly process. Modules can also be fully fitted out before arrival on site.


The resulting structure provides support for external and common parts, such as cladding, roof systems, stairwells, corridors, balconies, communal spaces and so on. A system of standard construction industry connections allow interconnecting components and fittings to interface with foundations, cladding systems, roofing, balconies and corridor units are compatible for a perfect fit. The Aloha Block Module is compatible with current cladding support technology such as brick support and cladding rails.

Internal Fittings & Fixtures

The Aloha Block Module is supplied insulated and lined ready for fit out to the customers requirements.


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