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We Are Hiring !

Posted by Aloha Block On 2:21 AM

Regional Director, Nationalwide and International

As an established, industry leading, eco-friendly, green housing module manufacturer, we are seeking EXPERIENCED junior or senior consultant for our operations across the globe.

Join the fastest growing sector. Be apart of the green work force!

We provide excellent training which leads to qualified appointments.

Full or Part time positions available.

Great opportunity for long-term career.

You will be compensated by a performance based bonus structure.

You work according to your own schedule and pase.

We work 2 to 4 hours Wed - Fri evening and Saturday 9-1.

Send resume and past experience to consider.

Executive Assistants for Managing Directors and CEO, Hawaii

Urgently seeking you if you are able to speak an Asian/European language, other than English, and also :

1. Experience with strong organizational skills and ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks;

2. Good oral communication skills;

3. Excellent phone etiquette;

4. Strong interpersonal skills;

5. Ability to work with minimal or no supervision.

Other attributes and potentials required are:

Good character; Positive attitude; Ability to solve problems; Possesses follow-up skills; Self confident; Willingness to accept responsibility; Interpersonal skills; Presentation skills; Competitiveness; Strategic skills; Eager for self improvement and training; Sense of humor; Analytical facility; Good judgment; and Love of charity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested pfor more detials find my contact below.

National Construction Partners in Major Cities

We are looking for general contractors as our strategic partners across US.

You must with a C5 or Contractor's license.

Partner must be approved by our corporate procurement and have a clean criminal and credit record.

Contractor license must be current and in good standing with the corresponding State.

Send reference and company brief to consider.


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