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What is Modular Construction?

Posted by Aloha Block On 8:12 PM

What is Modular Construction?

The term 'Modular Construction' is used where a building is assembled from a series of volumetric steel modules, linked together to form a complete structure.

The modules, which are manufactured and finished (or partially finished) off-site, under factory conditions, are then transported to the building site and lifted on to pre-prepared foundations. The building is then connected to services and the exterior of the building dressed with Cladding and Roofing.

Modular construction is a more environmentally friendly method of construction than traditional techniques: minimal foundations are required and both modules and foundations can be prepared simultaneously, cutting construction times significantly.

Importantly, as modules are produced under factory conditions, the likelihood of defects is minimised and better quality control is achieved. While modular construction borrows techniques from the manufacturing industry, the end result does not look “mass produced”. Highly sophisticated structures can be produced which are easily customisable to suit individual requirements? Finishing with appropriate cladding and roofing allows the building to blend in with its surrounding environment.


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