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Advantages of Off-Site Construction

Posted by Aloha Block On 8:25 PM

Advantages of Off-site Construction

Greater Speed

Modular construction is up to 40-60% quicker than traditional building methods with delivery times fully controllable and predictable.


While modular construction has tended in the past to be more expensive than brick & block, this is generally offset by better construction times and a commensurate reduction in the cost of running a construction site. The Aloha Block Module innovative technology now reduces the cost of modular construction to the same level as traditional brick & block, bringing even greater economies.

Reduced Reliance on Skilled Construction Labor

Semi-skilled factory labor can be used during the construction of modules, reducing reliance on increasingly scarce skilled construction labor.


Modular construction has been proven to be a safer method of construction because there are fewer components involved than traditional methods.

Improved Quality

Building modules in a factory environment ensures improved quality control. Efficiencies in production and reliability are also achieved through fewer defects or call-back.

Environmental Friendly & Sustainability

Modular construction is environmentally friendly: less energy is generally required to develop the modules or off-site manufactured components. During construction, reductions in waste on site of up to 70% can be achieved. Sustainability is increased as sound and thermal insulation is improved.

Reduced Disruption

Reduced time on site means less disruption to neighbouring residents, community, society and/or businesses.


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