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The Sky's Not Falling

Posted by Aloha Block On 8:49 PM

The Sky's Not Falling - by Holly Fretwell

"I'm scared that every time I ride in the car, I'm hurting polar bears and other animals."

"I'm worried that people just like me cause global warming."

"I'm afraid that my favorite outdoor places might disappear."

You've heard the claims that the earth is warming up just because of cars, light bulbs, factories and the many other wonders that human ingenuity has created. But is it really true?

Well, here's news for the global warming Chicken Littles -- the sky's not falling!

Sure, our planet is changing, but it has before and will again. There's lots more to the climate change story than you may have heard! Can we really adapt to a changing world in ways that help animals and the environment while keeping people working and countries growing strong? Of course we can!

Yes, it's OK to chill about global warming. Look inside and find out why.
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