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The Polliniferoused Container

Posted by Aloha Block On 6:49 PM

A new comprehensive concept for disaster relief and rescue operations developed in collaboration with the TU Delft, Decis Lab and UNESCO.

The project has been presented on the ISCRAM2007 Delft conference in may this year and quite a number of participants have expressed their organisation's need for such containers in their own operations.

A prototype of the Polliniferoused Container is now being build and we are looking for ISCRAM members who would like to collaborate or support the project as a case study in the coming five-year test period and/or would like to join in participating in the reproduction of the container.

The Polliniferoused Container is a mobile living and working unit based on a standard sea freight container. It is designed to function totally independent from its surroundings in any geographical at climatic circumstances.It is a self-loading unit with an auto-generated energy system using the latest technology in such a way that it is easy and inexpensive to manufacture, displace, operate and maintain the unit.

Being self lifting and of a standard size means it can be transported by standard trucks and vessels without the use of specialized equipment. The modular design and the use of easily changeable and common spare parts guarantee that the container can function continuously and that maintenance is easy and inexpensive. The modular design makes it also possible to refit the interior of the container on the fly depending on the job required.

The tent construction around the container provides extra space for meetings, work and temporary storage thus enhancing the multi-functionality of the container.Generating its own energy and recycling the water used means that it doesn't need expensive logistics lines, that it is environmentally friendly and doesn't use up precious local resources. All in all, the container is a showcase of sustainability.

It is a unit that can be deployed and moved quickly. It is flexible and can be adapted easily to function in different capacities as for example a mobile command post, a policlinic, a communication centre, a laboratory or a temporary living unit.

To download the full text of .pdf format of The Polliniferoused Container, please click here.

Written by Bartel Van de Walle


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