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BIPV PhotoVoltaic Glass

Posted by Aloha Block On 11:27 PM

Aloha BIPV PhotoVoltaic Glass Wall

Our solar PV glass wall is made of the most advanced thin film cell produced in Germany, with over 20 years of life time, higher conversion efficiency, excellent weak light performance, provide more power and reliable quality assurance for construction.

Aloha full green thin film solar BIPV glass wall is produced relevant National construction material standards, totally match the installation form of traditional structural glass, and have option on multiple colors, could be applied extensively in structural curtain wall, skylight, sunshading board etc.

  • National patent technicial products
  • Dot mode setting Frame setting Implicit setting
  • Higher strength, resist wind and strike, safer Sound insulation, heat insulation, effective
  • Resistance to the outside environment intrusion
  • Intelligent and personalized, regulating light, comfortable and convenient
  • Environment-friendly, energy saving, no pollution
  • Providing a new aesthetics decoration effect for modern construction
  • Integrating multi function energy saving and cost reducing
  • With variety of colors option


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